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Featured Models

Featured Models

New York

New York

Geopipe produces semantically rich models by understanding the objects and materials in the real world. Here's downtown Manhattan rendered from Geopipe's models.

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San Francisco

San Francisco

Geopipe overlays its models on accurate terrain. A section of San Francisco from Geopipe's models.

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Geopipe's models can be customized from plain white massings, like this piece of downtown Boston, up to fully textured models with fine geometric details.

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Geopipe gives you detailed models of the real world in an instant. Simply select an area in our web interface, choose the level of detail you need for your application, and download your model in industry-standard file formats


Geopipe builds clever algorithms to turn 2D and 3D data into highly detailed 3D virtual models of the world.


Working with data

Our system ingests and analyzes big geographic and numeric data, including satellite photos, maps, laser scans, and much more. We work with 2D and 3D data from public and private sources, and the more data we have, the more accurate our models become.

How it's done

We apply machine learning and algorithmic analysis techniques to understand the structure of the real world as represented in the data. Geopipe's system builds a semantic model of the world, representing not only what it looks like, but what's in it, from the ground to the trees to the locations of individual windows in buildings.

Updates in the cloud

By processing the data within a distributed system running in the cloud, we can rapidly analyze data and reconstruct whole cities in a matter of hours. Because we generate these models ahead of time, and update them as often as we have new data, you can immediately download models cropped from existing cities throughout our web interface.

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