Geopipe for Games header with sample screenshot from Geopipe Unity SDK

Geopipe is the authoritative whole-Earth digital twin, built by AI for games, simulation, architecture, and beyond.


The Data Pipeline

Geopipe applies its cutting-edge deep learning pipeline to understand what's in the world, not just how it looks. Geopipe's proprietary algorithms label objects (e.g. buildings, trees, roads), materials (e.g. glass, brick, asphalt), and properties (e.g. number of floors, type of roof, number of lanes, elevation). In less than a day, we can turn raw sensor data about entire cities into this rich 3D metadata, then into immersive, accurate 3D models. We deliver our 3D map and model data through our products and directly via our API, and we can rapidly update to match exactly what's in the world right now.

If you need rich virtual models of existing cities, you might spend up to millions of dollars and lose weeks to months of time in creation and development. Geopipe accelerates projects, provides larger, more accurate 3D maps, models, and environments than humans can build, and democratizes 3D digital twins to be accessible to firms of any size.


Geopipe's Game Engine Tools

Instantly stream the real world into your games and simulations with Geopipe's API and Unity SDK. Just drop the SDK into your project and start building in immersive real-world environments: streaming, levels of detail, and metadata parsing are all handled for you. Use the Geopipe ContextSnap tool to download real-world 3D models that you can edit and customize in your favorite software for games, simulations, and visualizations.


Geopipe for AEC and Real Estate

Architects, engineers, and construction and real estate professionals need to know what's in the world to visualize and simulate their projects in context of the built world. Geopipe ContextSnap provides instant, accurate 3D models of any neighborhood of a city, complete with terrain, built structures, foliage, and more. Whether you need to visualize a design within a massed model, perform a shadow study, or create a beautiful rendering for marketing, you can instantly download a context model from Geopipe ContextSnap.

The Data Tools

If you need to stream spatial data and metadata about cities into your own application, count the number of trees and windows in a city, or compute how many structures underutilize their zoning capacity, you’ll want to use Geopipe’s API. We even can turn our cities into Minecraft worlds for your building and exploration pleasure. If our data can help you, let us know.

Geopipe is the whole-Earth digital twin, built by AI. Virtual copies of the real world are a vital component of gaming, simulation, architecture, and beyond, but getting or creating 3D maps and 3D models of reality today is expensive, time-consuming, and often impossible. Geopipe delivers instant access to customizable maps and models of any scale and level of detail to use in your favorite software, game engine, or workflow.